Azul World | Singapore-based | Family-owned Investment Company
Founded in 2012 by the late Larry Lam and his family, Azul World was established to leverage on Larry’s vast business network and expertise in the transport and logistics industry.
Larry was the Founder and Chairman of Portek International, a company that was listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. For over 24 years, Larry travelled far and wide, to different parts of the world, securing and establishing a network of medium sized ports, and undertaking projects to modernise port equipment and systems. In 2011, Portek was acquired by Mitsui and Co., and later privatised as part of Mitsui’s Port and Logistics business group.
Azul World is a continuation of the same drive and motivation that was behind Portek, but with a focus on broader objectives, by taking into account social, human and environmental factors, instead of being purely profit driven.
Larry passed away in 2014, after a year and a half’s battle with a complicated cancer.
His legacy and investment ideologies live on in Azul World.