RFNet is a contract product design and ODM house at the leading edge of technology and innovation in the WIFI and wireless communication field.

The company specializes in three core technologies: Radio Frequency Circuits, Networking Protocol Stack and Embedded/FPGA Firmware design.


It provides an all-encompassing design and consultancy package to meet customer’s business needs, from conceptualization, project management to final product. 

The company excels in three main core design work:

  • Wireless Core – Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UHF/VHF Radio Transceiver and cordless product.
  •  IP Routing Core – Internet Protocol routing stack development, such as networking switch, router.
  • Embedded System and FPGA Core – firmware, FPGA hardware and software design.

Greenchem Technology is active in tank cleaning, waste oil and solvent recycling. 

The company specialises in recycling technologies to recover useful hydrocarbon from liquid waste/slop/sludge which are effluents from refineries, tank terminals, and industrial plants. 

The company adopts the best practices in health and safety, and the treatment of effluent waste water to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. 

Recycling provides a cheaper source of hydrocarbon to our customers, and at the same time, saves the environment from the pollution of waste oil and sludge.

Fund Management

Fund Management – We manage our in-house funds through a diversified portfolio of investments, including stocks, fixed income, properties etc.