Infrastructural Development

Infrastructural Development

Example of a river container terminal proposed for an emerging country.

Example of an 80 MW gas turbine power plant that Larry was previously involved in in Sumatra.

Building on previous experience in port and power plant projects, Azul World is ready to invest in infrastructure development projects in emerging markets.  Infrastructures such as ports, power plants, etc.  are often the bottle necks stifling the development of many emerging countries.  We are happy to co-invest in such projects with other investors and also with funding from multi-lateral agencies such as IFC, and various Development Funds.

Port Equipment & Consultancy



Drawing on its vast network in the container handling equipment industry, Azul World will push the boundary of knowledge and practice in container handling by looking for innovative solutions to be adopted in the port sector. New technology aimed at improving productivity and safety is introduced to ports around the world. One example is the development of an innovative method of horizontal transfer of containers between the quayside cranes and yard stacking cranes by means of the Automotive Tractor Trailer (ATT) from Gaussin Manugistique.

Azul World is involved in the conceptual formulation of the technology as well as marketing of the product in SE Asia. Azul World is promoting the innovative Gaussin ATT to ports in South East Asia. This new concept in horizontal transfer together with its docking stations allows containers to be loaded or unloaded automatically at the yard cranes, creating a container buffer which allows the ATT and yard cranes to work independently, without one equipment having to wait for the other. Azul World’s subsidiary, Port Azul Pte Ltd has successfully promoted this concept to Surabaya Port’s new automated Teluk Lamong Terminal, which has placed order for 50 units of ATT.


48 units of ATT delivered to APMT Tangier Port by Gaussin.