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RFNet Technology Ltd

RFNet is a contract product design and ODM house at the leading edge of technology and innovation in the WIFI and wireless communication field.

The company specializes in three core technologies: Radio Frequency Circuits, Networking Protocol Stack and Embedded/FPGA Firmware design.

It provides an all-encompassing design and consultancy package to meet customer’s business needs, from conceptualization, project management to final product.

The company excels in three main core design work:​

  • Wireless Core – Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UHF/VHF Radio Transceiver and cordless product.​

  • IP Routing Core – Internet Protocol routing stack development, such as networking switch, router.

  • ​Embedded System and FPGA Core – firmware, FPGA hardware and software design.


Some examples of RFNet innovation are as follows:

Smart Label System

  • Electronic price tags linked up in a wireless LAN network in supermarkets allows prices to be updated online, real-time basis.


Electronic price tags in supermarket

Mobile surveillance

  • RFNet had been tasked to provide design and key components for MRT trains in which surveillance images are down-loaded through wireless Lan at every station of the MRT route.  This allows images to be transmitted and stored on a near real-time basis, hence greatly enhancing the security of the trains.

  • RFNet had installed wireless systems on public buses in Singapore which captures the bus fare data, and downloads the fare data at the bus stations wirelessly.