Our Expertise and Experience

Larry Lam

1951 – 2014

Founder, father, entrepreneur


Our late founder, Larry Lam graduated in Mechanical Engineering with honours in 1976.  He held a series of engineering posts around the world (in shipbuilding, diesel engine research and development, container handling equipment) before founding Portek International in 1988.  ​

From 1988 to 2012, he oversaw the growth of Portek into a global port operator, as well as an engineering power house, modernising port equipment and systems for ports around the world. Larry’s broad range of interests and knowledge in business, economics, and engineering is evident in the many articles he had written for the port and shipping journals.

Larry founded Azul World to leverage on his knowledge of business and his vast network of friends and associates around the world, to turn unfilled demands and bottlenecks into opportunities. He believed in creating businesses that are profitable and yet make meaningful contributions to the social, human and environmental welfare of the country.


Larry passed away in February 2014, after a year and a half’s battle with a complicated cancer.


His legacy and investment ideologies live on in Azul World.

Shumei Lam

Shumei graduated with a Bachelor of Communications from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and holds a Masters in Management from IE Business School in Madrid. Her professional experience includes working in multinational advertising agencies, including BADJAR Ogilvy in Melbourne and McCann Erickson in London.

In 2011 Shumei founded branding consultancy Dovetail Ptd Ltd, after identifying opportunities for B2B SMEs in Singapore to apply marketing communications and innovation to their day to day operations. Dovetail has successfully worked on rebranding and innovation projects for SMEs including Portek International and Greenchem Technologies.

She established Azul World in 2012 with her father Larry and took over the the company’s investments and operations in 2013.

Shumei Lam has spent the past 4 years building up Azul World’s first social venture – Poultry East Africa Ltd (PEAL). She now manages Azul World and PEAL on a full time basis.

Shushan Lam


Shushan graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Communications from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with Distinction in 2011. She started her career in public relations and digital marketing, while living overseas in Australia.


In 2014 she joined Channel NewsAsia as a digital journalist writing feature stories and producing multimedia content for the web.

Shushan is a Director at Azul World.